Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lighthouse- Episode 6.05

This past week’s episode, “Lighthouse” was an overall interesting and story moving episode, but it does not provide much to talk about. Let’s jump on into it!

I’m going to tackle the Flash-sideways first. In my opinion, this was the most compelling flash-sideways yet. I now know that this timeline has more to do than just the bomb going off, at least we are pretty sure. The reason why, Jack has a son, that happened way before the crash. Now unless people’s lives kept interacting over and over with each other since the incident that lead Jack to meet his wife and allowed them to have a kid, we can say that something else is the source of why things are different in this timeline. Plus, they could never set the bomb off in the flash-sideways because they never crashed on the Island in the first place to go back in time to detonate the bomb. It’s a circle. (I’m getting a nosebleed, like Charlotte and Desmond.)

So, Jack has a son (interesting), and his name is David (very interesting.) David Shepherd… Can’t you just hear the biblical metaphor screaming at you? Not to mention his grandfather’s name is Christian. This family is seeping religious overtones. Things to think about. One of biblical David’s most famous songs is Psalm 23. 23 is one of the infamous numbers and Jack is numbered 23 according to Jacob’s cave writings and on the Lighthouse dial. Also, biblical David, who was a shepherd, was also known for his musical abilities, just like Jack’s son David. Now, this doesn’t mean much to the story (most likely), but things like this are what make Lost even more enjoyable, making the connections.

Did anyone else see that Jack has been acting weird since the not-crash happened? (I don’t know what to call that) He was a little weird on the plane and now he can’t remember getting his appendix taken out. I called that his little appendectomy would be important back in my third blog post, second to last paragraph. I was a little off in my prediction, but still called that the appendectomy would certainly come back up.

Not a whole lot happens in the flash-sideways other than Jack finds out about Claire (minimally interesting) and we see Dogen at the recital. I was expecting to see Faraday since we knew that he was a stud at the piano as a child. Still, seeing Dogen means a lot, not sure what though. Perhaps the two biggest things (other than seeing Dogen) we should take away from the flash-sideways was how Jack handles being a father (as off-handedly joked about to Hurley later in the episode’s original timeline) and that we don’t know who the mother is. I like Jack in the flash-sideways, he’s a little calmer, friendlier and more mild-mannered. Was Jack married to Sarah in this timeline? He did only meet her because she crashed into Shannon’s dad. Did that happen in the flash-sideways? Maybe he never met her. Maybe he was married to someone else, another character from the show perhaps?

Basically, this episode killed a lot of time until the end. We see that our people can now start playing the “I’m a candidate” card to get away with stuff. A dead Jacob meets with Hurley to get him to perform a task, get Jack and yourself out of the temple and go to the Lighthouse. We run back into Kate and see that she is still stubborn as ever and wants to be alone (shocker). Let her go I say. Smoke-Locke can have her! She’s not even a candidate! Speaking of which, why isn’t she?

As Jack and Hurley continue on their quest to the Lighthouse, they run into their old stomping grounds, the Caves. I have no doubt the producers put them their just so they could readdress the Adam and Eve skeletons and get us thinking about that again if we had forgotten about it. Now some might be frustrated with them bringing in something as big as the Lighthouse this late into the game. I’m ok with it. I think it is a very cool aspect. I hope to see more ancient “footprints” all over the Island. Maybe these will start to show us more answers.

One quick thing I want to note about the Lighthouse. They specifically said:

JACK: I don't understand. How is it that we've never seen it [the Lighthouse] before?

HURLEY: Guess we weren't lookin’ for it.

Is this similar to the Room of Requirement in the Harry Potter series? It seems to be very close to the caves, their old stomping ground. Surely they would have seen it back in season one. I have faith that the producers have known that they wanted to have that there. I think it only appears when they need it. Some claim that it sparkled when you first saw it. I’m not sure if that is true or not, but maybe that was the first time our people were able to see it, because they were told about it and/or needed it. Invite only to the Lighthouse.

In the Lighthouse, we see that it appears that Jacob has been able to watch the candidates for a long time. Seeing the numbers lineup with degrees on the Lighthouse “mirror-table” was very cool. I’m glad to see the numbers making a comeback, especially so recently. However, as usual, Jack goes crazy and acts without thinking. NEWSFLASH: It’s not your lighthouse! You don’t know what the ramifications are for breaking it! I really can’t stand it when people don’t think before they act, so needless to say this scene did not make we want to become a Jack fan. However, with Jacob saying, “He has what it takes,” it can only mean that he will probably be the next Jacob. After all, he is the main character, and it will have been a total character redemption arc to get him there. I guess that makes for a compelling story.

Now, we can’t overlook why Jacob sent them to the Lighthouse. One reason was to get them out of harm’s way. Someone bad is going to the temple. My first guess, Claire and then after that Smoke-Locke. Possibly both. The other reason was that someone is coming to the Island. They were moving the dial to 108 degrees (the sum of the Numbers, the amount on the timer for the Swan, and the number of suitors seeking Penelope’s hand in marriage in the Odyssey (Desmond was a slave to the timer and he represents Odysseus and his longing to return home to his Penelope) Maybe you didn’t catch that the first time around). I’m told that the name “Wallace” was on the 108 spot. Now either that is a new character, or it was just a dummy name to hold the spot. I’m going to go with the second idea. I have a hunch it could be Widmore. Or it could be someone else like Ilana. Who knows, but I sure hope it is Widmore. It would be really cool to see him back on the Island, all the major players in position for this war we keep hearing about.

We have been hearing about a war coming for some time now. We now see sides being taken. I think all of this must be happening now because it appears that almost all of Jacob’s candidates have been eliminated. The next Jacob, Island protector, will be chosen soon. Smoke-Locke realizes he is so close to stopping Jacob, it’s the final push!

Last but not least (although maybe it should be least). We finally get to see and hear from Claire. Apparently she did not flash through time. I say that because she knew the Other that was with Jin and talked about how she had been taken to the Temple. Something is certainly wrong with her. She doesn’t remember just leaving her baby behind. She feels that it was stolen from her, and thinks the Others did it. Similar to Rousseau, hmmm. I do not think Rousseau is inhabiting Claire, as I once speculated based on another’s comment, but she is definitely acting a lot like Rousseau. Although, I guess we would all act similar if we had been basically alone in the jungle for years on end. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a twist or not that Smoke-Locke was Claire’s “friend,” but either way, it was kind of creepy for her to call him that. (It was also creepy that Claire had a freaky baby-like doll in a crib in her tent.) It seems that Locke now has Sawyer and Claire (possibly even Sayid). Jacob hasn’t really gained anyone but Hurley’s trust (out of our crash people, of course he has the Others and Ilana, but are we in trouble? He doesn’t seem to be too worried).

Once again, I’m still confused as to what role Christian Shepherd is playing. I no longer think he is a manifestation of Smoke-Locke, since Claire says that her father and her “friend” have been helping her. I wonder if they have been helping her together or have just had a similar agenda. Claire said that her father, Christian, told her that the Others had Aaron. Are Christian and Smoke-Locke in the same league? Do they know about each other? Maybe I’m wrong and Smoke-Locke sometimes appears in Christian’s form to gain her trust and further manipulate her. However, I’m pretty sure he is something else yet to be determined. This is based on how he has acted in the past. I’m sure he will be a major component for this show’s resolution.

By the way, please feel free to leave comments below. I would love to hear what you have to say about the show, theories or reactions to anything I say.

In the words of Jacob, “Jack is here because he has to do something. He can't be told what that is. He's got to find it himself. Sometimes you can just...hop in the back of someone's cab and tell them what they're supposed to do. Other have to let them look out at the ocean for a while.”

Here are the sneak peeks ABC has put out for this week’s episode. Watch at your own risk!

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Substitute- Episode 6.04

I think Lost is finally gearing up to something, especially after seeing this episode. Let’s jump right into it!

We’ll discuss the flash-sideways first. I feel like this episode furthers my thought that the bomb isn’t the sole reason why the flash-sideways was created. For instance, Locke is with Helen. They had been broken up for a long time in the original timeline. Also, the comment that Helen made that they should just get Locke’s dad and her parents and do a small wedding. Why was Locke still cool with his dad in this timeline? I feel like that doesn’t have to do with the Island blowing up. However, if that is the case, why is Locke in a wheelchair? It was his dad that put him there. I think other things have changed in the flash-sideways than just dealing with the bomb blowing up the Island. Plus, can a hydrogen bomb really sink the Island? Maybe if it reacted with the pocket of electromagnetism it could have greater ramifications but I don’t know.

Going back to the actual flash-sideways, I thought it was very fascinating to see everyone showing up in Locke’s story. We have already known that even in the original timeline Hurley owned Locke’s box company. However, seeing Rose and especially having Ben appear was really cool. It is very interesting to see that Locke isn’t a man of faith in this timelime. Does this mean that Jack isn’t a man of science? Have they reversed roles? Don’t count Jack out for fixing Locke. I’m sure it will happen.

Someone shared this theory with me not too long ago, and I could possibly believe it. As I’ve already stated numerous times, I think more than just the bomb going off has changed the timeline. Could it be that we are seeing a timeline where Jacob did not touch people? He met and touched many of the survivors at various points in their lives as shown in the season five finale, “The Incident,” and also re-shown within this week’s episodes. This is an interesting theory that still needs more to make it work, but I’d be willing to think about it having some truth to it.

Now as far as the original Island timeline we have had a lot of interesting developments this past week. Locke was buried. Maybe we should take that very seriously. Two big reasons why. One: Is that why the Smoke Monster is now stuck in that form permanently? After all, he took Yemi’s and possibly Christian Shepherd’s forms and they weren’t buried. Is that why in season three the others cast Colleen’s body out to sea and set it on fire, so nothing could happen to it? Seems like a possibility. Two: The other thing we should take note of is that people keep saying things like “yesterday” or “one day ago.” Days keep getting specifically referenced. Will Locke come back alive after three days? In a photo shoot for this season Locke was sitting in the middle seat as the shot resembled the famous painting, “The Last Supper.” (Click here to see the Lost picture.) However, that Locke could have been Smoke-Locke. I do not mean to be sacrilegious at all by saying this and I hope they do not use this metaphor, but it is a possibility. The show does borrow from a great deal of things such as religion. Maybe he won’t come back alive, maybe three days after he was buried the timelines will “resolve” in some way and Locke will come back alive because something will happen between flash-sideways Locke and original timeline Locke. However, they can’t have two Locke’s running around, so IF he came back to life then I feel like something would have to happen to Smoke-Locke and I’m not sure I see that happening.

Does anyone trust that the Smoke Monster just wants to leave the Island? I believe he does, but not without doing harm to it or the people on the way out. Maybe he does want control of it, but to also be able to leave it. Which leads to the first big question, who was the little blond kid? I have a few theories. Jacob reincarnated, an Island manifestation of a younger Jacob, or Jacob has a kid and this is him. (Why was there blood on his arms?!) After all there is a huge father-son motif on this show. Almost all, major character’s have daddy issues on this show. Either way, why could Sawyer see him and not Richard? Does this correlate to Sawyer also being able to see Kate’s horse? Why did the boy say, “you know the rules, you can’t kill him.” What are these rules we keep hearing about? Remember in the season 4 episode, “The Shape of Things to Come,” Ben told Widmore that he (Widmore) had changed the rules. Did anyone else notice that Smoke-Locke yelled to the kid, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” This was an interesting homage to one of real Locke’s most recognizable phrases.

A real quick point needs to be made before we go any further. I am interested to see what power Jacob’s ashes will have. We saw Ilana picking them up before going to bury Locke. Will all of the ashes that people have been using be revealed to be former Island protector’s ashes? (I highly doubt this) I also want to point out that I like where Ben is now, totally lost and confused, and I really enjoyed his words at Locke’s burial, a serious but comedic eulogy.

Perhaps the biggest thing we need to address is the cave. That was possibly the next big game changer we have been looking for. We now know a little about what the term “candidate” means, Jacob’s replacement as Island protector. Locke, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Jack, and one of the Kwon’s were all written in the cave with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 respectively corresponding to each one’s last name. This is interesting to see that “Jacob had a thing for numbers.” Seeing their names means they are all candidates for Jacob’s job as Island protector. I was blown away by the black and white stones sitting on the scale. I thought that was very cool and intriguing. The episode ended with Smoke-Locke presenting Sawyer with what we believe are his only three options at the time concerning his role as a candidate.

• “Do nothing. See how all this plays out. And possibly your name will get crossed out”
• “Take over Jacob's job and protect the Island…from nothing, there's nothing to protect it from, it's just a ____ island”
• “We just go. We get the ___ off this Island and we never look back. We do that together.”

Sawyer heartily agrees to the final response, thus further dividing our survivors up. One literary thing I want to point to before I end this is Sawyer’s discussion of the book, Of Mice and Men. This was cool because he mentioned this book in a season three episode titled “Every Man for Himself.” Also, Smoke-Locke said that Of Mice and Men was a little after his time. The book was released in 1937. Now we knew he is old, but it was still cool to hear him say that. Other interesting things about the Smoke Monster were that he said that he is trapped and has been for so long that he has forgotten how it feels to be free and that he was once a man that experienced emotions too. If that isn’t an eerie thing to hear then I don’t know what is.

For tonight, if the season 1 to season 6 pattern is still holding up then tonight will be a Jack episode. While Jack is annoying (I say that because I am a Locke fan) his episodes are usually pretty good.

Here are the sneak peeks ABC has put out for tonight’s episode. Watch at your own risk!

In the words of Smoke-Locke “You are so close; it would be such a shame to turn back now.”

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Kate Does- Episode 6.03

I’m going to keep this post short for two reasons, I am late putting this up and it was not a good episode. Seriously, what a horrible episode. Let’s knock this one out real quick though.

We learned a few things, Sayid is definitely inhabited by something and the Others do not think that is a good thing. I don’t think it is the Smoke Monster, maybe Jacob and the Others just don’t realize it. I just am not sure when and how the Smoke Monster could have gotten to Sayid. This goes back to my thought that it definitely could be some other force on the Island, maybe the Island itself. If they aren’t careful though, my prediction will come through about Sayid biting the big one.

As usual Kate was annoying in her centric episode. She carries way too much baggage these days. This may not be true, but I think I heard that Kate episodes are consistently the lowest rated episodes of Lost. Rightfully so, she just ends up crying over the dumbest stuff, over and over, no one wants to watch that. Did anyone catch the significance of this episode title, “What Kate Does?” It is similar to the season two episode called, “What Kate Did.” They have done this a few times, and I think it is clever. I’m sure the name of this means something, relative to how the two timelines resolve, we will just have to wait and see.

In the flash-sideways I thought it was really cool how Kate, Claire and the planned adoptive mother were all together. All three “moms” of Aaron were in one place, kind of neat. For me, the biggest twist was that Ethan was in the hospital. This can mean a few things. Either Lost is sticking to the whole concept of everyone being connected and he was just born in the real world and grew up to be there or he moved their once the Island sunk. The first can be true with little expounding. Let’s say the Island has always been sunk in the flash-sideways, or at least for a long time, then Ethan was born off Island and never knew about the Island. However, if the hydrogen bomb sunk the Island in the flash-sideways Ethan still could have been safe because all the women and children were told to leave the Island on the submarine right before the bomb was detonated. So, Ethan and his mom could have gotten on the sub, the Island sinks, and then they decided to continue on with life in the outside world. So, seeing Ethan really did not help me determine the relationship of the two timelines.

As far as the twist went, it was subpar at best. I mean honestly, didn’t we all think Claire was different the last time we saw her in the Cabin in the season four episode "Cabin Fever?" I mean, how could she have survived living in the jungle for 3 years all by herself? Sure Rousseau did it for 16 years, but Claire had some kind of help I think; she’s not that strong. It only makes sense she was possessed or under the care/authority of another. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m just glad we finally got to see her again.

One last thing to get us ready for tonight’s episode, “The Substitute.” This is a Locke episode (my personal favorites). Last week was a Kate episode and the week before that, the two-hour premiere, was a multi-centric episode. Go back to season one. The two-hour premiere was a multi-centric episode, the next one was a Kate episode and the fourth one a Locke episode. We are following a pattern here. The producers said they wanted to go back to a season one type feel, I just did not know it would be this literal. I expect tonight to be a good episode because whether you like Locke or not (I’m talking about real Locke) his episodes have always been big. You get some answers or light shed on things. Now I’m sure this will be a little weird tonight because it will focus on Smoke Monster Locke in our current timeline and real Locke in the flash-sideways. Remember this, the fourth episode; Locke's first centric episode revealed he was in a wheelchair before coming to the Island. That was a major game changer; I hope to see something like that tonight, something huge, especially if they really are holding to the pattern. As you can easily see, I have high hopes for this one, plus look at the name, “The Substitute.” Doesn’t that just sound intriguing?

Here are the sneak peeks ABC has put out for tonight’s episode. Watch at your own risk!

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

LA X- Episode 6.01/6.02

It has finally happened; the final season of Lost has begun. This week’s episode, “LA X,” started the season off with a bang; the Island is underwater, in an “alternate timeline.” I want to take a moment here and repeat what the producers have said, the strange timeline is not an alternate timeline, it is called a “flash sideways.” They said that by calling it an “alternate timeline” it implies that one of the timelines is not real, and they are both very real. They would not create these to waste time in the sixth season; too much has to be answered to just send the viewers on a wild goose chase.

Well this episode hit me with so much stuff that I don’t know much about what it is going on. We can see though, that I was right on a few predictions from last week’s post. I called the alternate timeline thing, for lack of a better word at the time. Hurley now talks to a dead Jacob. Plus the Sayid dying thing may be true, as well as the Jacob coming and inhabiting someone’s body may be true too. Sayid might have legitimately died, and now Jacob is choosing to inhabit his body. So the “horcrux” concept might come true, we will have to wait and see. Also I failed to include that the Smoke Monster was fake Locke, but if you’ve talked to me for the past year you know that I have thought that. It was pretty obvious by how Fake Locke was missing when the Smoke Monster appeared in “Dead is Dead” and why the Smoke Monster didn’t show up when Ben called him the same episode. He could not show up because he was there, in Locke’s form. That is also why Fake Locke knew where the Smoke Monster’s lair was, it was his home. In fact, it has been pretty obvious since season two that the Smoke Monster can take the forms of people and animals; this has been seen and spoken of by the producers about Yemi (Eko’s brother), Kate’s Horse, Alex (Ben’s daughter), the Medusa spiders that killed Nikki and Paulo and possibly some appearances of Walt all being manifestations of the Smoke Monster.

Now for some discussion points I suggest you listen to the Official Lost Podcast. The producers discuss things, answer questions and tell the viewers what they should look out for. It is very helpful; it is where some of my points will come from.

First, I want to discuss the flash sideways. The producers have stated that this will happen for a while and then the two timelines will resolve in some way. I believe that some things will carry over from one timeline into the one we have known the whole time. I believe we have already seen some of these things merge into our old timeline. For instance, Locke was able to walk in the current timeline, because it seems that Jack will fix him in the flash sideways. Now I’m not sure if that is one of the things that will happen when the timelines merge, but that is an example. I do think that this will somehow explain how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the jungle. In the flash sideways the island was underwater, the Black Rock will sink and land in the middle of the jungle and somehow jump to the timeline we have been watching. This could explain how Horace had not heard of the Black Rock when Sawyer and the rest of the people flashing through time made up the story that they were a part of a team looking for the Black Rock before they integrated with the DHARMA Initiative in the middle of season five. It did not appear in our timeline until after the hydrogen bomb went off and made the timelines merge. Or Horace and the DHARMA Initiative never made it to that part of the Island, very possible that it was in the hostiles’ territory.

Second, I’m not sure the bomb is what caused the flash sideways. Now it might be a contributing factor, but I don’t think that by it blowing up and affecting the pocket of energy is what single handedly caused the flash sideways. I have a long theory about that which is hard enough to explain in person using a dry erase board. However, I’ll try. Sun, in 2007 asks Richard Alpert if he remembered Jack and everyone from 1977. He says he saw them die. I believe he said this because he gave them the hydrogen bomb, knowing they were going to use it, saw it go off and assumed they died because they were so close to it; however, this was merely an assumption which proved to be wrong. Now, if the bomb went off then in our timeline’s 1977 and if we are assuming that it single handedly sunk the Island then that would be impossible, since our 2007 has Sun on the Island talking to Richard, he should be dead at the bottom of the ocean. Furthermore, people like Faraday, Eloise, Widmore, Ben, and possibly Penny would not be alive in our 2007. Now the bomb could have triggered something else that skewed and made two timelines, but I do not believe it single handedly sunk the Island. It was merely the “Incident” we have heard about since season two which made the Swan station have to have the code entered in every 108 minutes. After all, the season five finale where they used the hydrogen bomb was called “The Incident.”

Third, pertaining to Island mythology we got a lot thrown at us. We finally saw the temple, something I’ve wanted to see since it was briefly mentioned in passing in season three. In fitting with the Egyptian Mythology it could have been a step pyramid. I highly doubt it is of any Mayan decent since it had hieroglyphics inside of it even though it resembled a Mayan pyramid. Also, we finally saw Zack and Emma again, the kids taken from the tail section of the plane, shown in an episode from season two as well as Cindy the stewardess. It was also revealed that the Smoke Monster cannot cross “ash.” Was he trapped in the Cabin at some point? (It did have ash around it, and Ilana said that someone other than Jacob had been using it for a while.) Perhaps the biggest mythological thing we saw was the spring inside the temple. I believe we are suppose to assume that this was the same thing that Ben was healed in as a child, so kind of ironic that Sayid is the other person we know that was put in it. I think it should be viewed more of as a “baptism” than anything. Was this what allowed Ben to be able to kill Jacob, or can anyone but the Smoke Monster kill Jacob? If the first part is true, then maybe Sayid can now kill the Smoke Monster. Too much is unknown about the spring and the color of the water to say much more than this so I won’t bother wasting any more time until more information has come to light thus allowing an educated guess to be made.

Fourth, it seems that something, possibly Jacob, might be inhabiting Sayid now. The producers said we will have to wait a few episodes and see if this thought fleshes itself out in any way. I am afraid that Jacob might be the bad guy and the Smoke Monster the good guy. It would not be the first time Lost has led the viewers to believe one thing and then completely changed it or re-contextualized it. I have to have faith that there is an absolute good and an absolute evil and that they are what the producers have led us to believe. The whole light v. dark conversation between Locke and Walt in season one is so paramount that Jacob has to be good based on his shirt he was wearing in the opening scene of the season five finale and likewise the Man in Black. If they break away from the white and black motif I could see both Jacob and the Smoke Monster being bad, or both being good. Maybe there is another force on the Island we have yet to meet. Who is Christian Shepherd? Is that Jacob or the Smoke Monster as well? Is it someone else? Or is it really Christian Shepherd somehow alive? I think at least some of the time we have seen Christian it was actually the Smoke Monster impersonating him, possibly every time.

The producers have said we do not know enough to make a prediction as to how the show will end. However, they said that after the third episode or so you won’t be able to talk to a Lost fan about anything other than Lost. Something big must be coming soon! If it really is the third episode then that is this week! Let’s get excited and see what awaits us. Please feel free to comment, challenge, modify, or add your own theories.

Here are the sneak peeks for this week’s episode that ABC has put out.

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.