Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Kate Does- Episode 6.03

I’m going to keep this post short for two reasons, I am late putting this up and it was not a good episode. Seriously, what a horrible episode. Let’s knock this one out real quick though.

We learned a few things, Sayid is definitely inhabited by something and the Others do not think that is a good thing. I don’t think it is the Smoke Monster, maybe Jacob and the Others just don’t realize it. I just am not sure when and how the Smoke Monster could have gotten to Sayid. This goes back to my thought that it definitely could be some other force on the Island, maybe the Island itself. If they aren’t careful though, my prediction will come through about Sayid biting the big one.

As usual Kate was annoying in her centric episode. She carries way too much baggage these days. This may not be true, but I think I heard that Kate episodes are consistently the lowest rated episodes of Lost. Rightfully so, she just ends up crying over the dumbest stuff, over and over, no one wants to watch that. Did anyone catch the significance of this episode title, “What Kate Does?” It is similar to the season two episode called, “What Kate Did.” They have done this a few times, and I think it is clever. I’m sure the name of this means something, relative to how the two timelines resolve, we will just have to wait and see.

In the flash-sideways I thought it was really cool how Kate, Claire and the planned adoptive mother were all together. All three “moms” of Aaron were in one place, kind of neat. For me, the biggest twist was that Ethan was in the hospital. This can mean a few things. Either Lost is sticking to the whole concept of everyone being connected and he was just born in the real world and grew up to be there or he moved their once the Island sunk. The first can be true with little expounding. Let’s say the Island has always been sunk in the flash-sideways, or at least for a long time, then Ethan was born off Island and never knew about the Island. However, if the hydrogen bomb sunk the Island in the flash-sideways Ethan still could have been safe because all the women and children were told to leave the Island on the submarine right before the bomb was detonated. So, Ethan and his mom could have gotten on the sub, the Island sinks, and then they decided to continue on with life in the outside world. So, seeing Ethan really did not help me determine the relationship of the two timelines.

As far as the twist went, it was subpar at best. I mean honestly, didn’t we all think Claire was different the last time we saw her in the Cabin in the season four episode "Cabin Fever?" I mean, how could she have survived living in the jungle for 3 years all by herself? Sure Rousseau did it for 16 years, but Claire had some kind of help I think; she’s not that strong. It only makes sense she was possessed or under the care/authority of another. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m just glad we finally got to see her again.

One last thing to get us ready for tonight’s episode, “The Substitute.” This is a Locke episode (my personal favorites). Last week was a Kate episode and the week before that, the two-hour premiere, was a multi-centric episode. Go back to season one. The two-hour premiere was a multi-centric episode, the next one was a Kate episode and the fourth one a Locke episode. We are following a pattern here. The producers said they wanted to go back to a season one type feel, I just did not know it would be this literal. I expect tonight to be a good episode because whether you like Locke or not (I’m talking about real Locke) his episodes have always been big. You get some answers or light shed on things. Now I’m sure this will be a little weird tonight because it will focus on Smoke Monster Locke in our current timeline and real Locke in the flash-sideways. Remember this, the fourth episode; Locke's first centric episode revealed he was in a wheelchair before coming to the Island. That was a major game changer; I hope to see something like that tonight, something huge, especially if they really are holding to the pattern. As you can easily see, I have high hopes for this one, plus look at the name, “The Substitute.” Doesn’t that just sound intriguing?

Here are the sneak peeks ABC has put out for tonight’s episode. Watch at your own risk!

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.


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