Thursday, April 22, 2010

My thoughts on a job posting from

If you are a follower of my Lost blog you will notice that this has nothing to do with Lost. This is an assignment for the same class that I write my blog for. So, you can read this or choose to return when I have.

The job that I found was one for The job posting is asking for someone who can help promote their website in terms of mobility and social networking. This job wants a person that can think critically and come up with good strategies to promote their service.

I need to be able to effectively communicate with people, as well as have an understanding of social networking. Social networking is the new emerging way to communicate. I need to be able to understand how it works and how to effectively and accurately use it to reach the maximum amount of people successfully. Being able to write is also a necessary skill with a job like this that wishes to reach out to people.

Since I am already involved in social media I need to keep using it to stay current with what the trends are and exactly how it operates. In addition, I need to keep writing in order to get better at it. I should also read good writing to get ideas on how to write better.

Harding has been instrumental in teaching me how to write better. Also, through my classes here I have learned how to write for the web. This will obviously be needed to communicate for a website. Recently, many of my classes have been stressing the importance of social media. I now see that it is a fundamental shift in the way in which we communicate. I want to be a part of the shift. This is a new revolution and I want to be able to be a part of it from the start. I feel that my classes at Harding have reduced the learning curve to jump into this constantly changing industry.

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