Thursday, March 4, 2010

Portfolio Number Review I

For those of you reading this blog you will notice that this post is different than most. As you probably already know, this Lost blog is for a class I am in, Writing for the Mass Media. Today, this post is going to show what I have done in class so far this semester.

  • All of my blog post can be read by scrolling down or by following this link which will show them all. This has been a fun exercise for me where I have put up my thoughts and predictions about my favorite television show, Lost. I have tried to let it have its own personality. I follow grammar rules but occasionally break certain norms to efficiently get my point across. This just means in some rare instances I speak in incomplete sentences. Another technique that I have just started using is to include humor. Since it is my blog, I want it to be informative and entertaining. I have started using parentheses to allow me to include a humorous voice. In keeping up with Mass Media Writing techniques I also include many hyperlinks and video content in each post. Currently, I have three registered followers; however, I know many more of my friends read it because they talk to me about it. I drive traffic to it by linking it to my Facebook and sending out texts to my close Lost friends that I have a new post up. Not only has this been a fun exercise but it has allowed me to practice practical and real-world web journalism techniques.
  • This link will take you to my first story on The Link. This story was a basic feature story that included a photo slide show. This story told two cousin's story of trying out for the Burksy's auditions. Once the Burksy's happened I went back in and updated this story by placing three hyperlinks to other stories. One of the stories I linked it to was one that I wrote for the Bison. This story told more about the format of the Burksy's. The other two stories were written by others. One showed all of the nominees and who won. The other link was a video package with footage of the Burksy's in it. While my story was a feature, I wanted readers to be able to see exactly what the Burksy's were and how they turned out. I wanted to display every angle.
  • This link will take you to my second story for The Link. This story was about Sarah Palin coming to Little Rock and speaking to the Republican Party of Arkansas. This story allowed me to do something different, bullet points. Since I was covering a speech, I took advantage of that web journalism technique. There was not much I could do to go back and update the story. However, I wanted to do something so I added two more pictures. I was originally going to add just one, but I played around with the content uploader and found that I could make it where when the mouse is over the picture it changes to another picture. I decided to put this new technique into my article because I wanted to do something new. Both of these pictures just give a broader view of the event venue.
  • I decided to write a third story for fun because I had time, I knew the people it involved and it was at least interesting, if not slightly Harding newsworthy. This link will take you to my third/extra story on The Link. This story covers how Zach Cantrell found Beth Anne Colvin's lost engagement ring. I decided that I could cover this using an audio clip. I guess this could count as my story with photo, cutline and audio clip, however that is not down to be due until April 15. Regardless, it was fun to experiment with the audio capabilities. This was a fun story to cover. I edited to the best of my abilities but I'm not sure it was looked at very extensively by the editors of The Link. Either way, it is content that I will gladly edit/update if and when necessary.
  • I'm not sure if I am expected to include this or not, but the news site that I evaluated was

This is all of the content that I have written for my class. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing what I have done and I hope that you will continue to follow me and others on The Link.

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