Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sundown- Episode 6.06

I was thoroughly pleased with this episode of Lost. I believe it really moved the plot along and further intrigued the audience. As usual, let’s discuss the flash-sideways first.

This episode was a Sayid episode and true to Sayid episodes it really did an outstanding job. Just a few basic things. In this timeline Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother, Omer, however, it is obvious and explicitly stated that Sayid has feelings for her. We see Omer for the first time, other than when we saw him as a child in the season five episode, “He’s Our You.”

Due to a bad business deal that Omer gets into with some loan sharks he is injured, forcing Sayid to confront the loan sharks and “handle” the problem. Interestingly enough, it was none other than Martin Keamy that Omer was in debt to. In the original timeline, Keamy was the mercenary that came on the freighter in season four to take Ben off of the Island. In the process, Keamy killed Alex, Ben’s daughter. (Biologically Rousseau’s) Keamy was killed by Ben in the original timeline, however, in the flash-sideway Sayid killed him. (Interesting that it was the two of them that killed him both times.)

Maybe the most interesting thing about this flash-sideways was the fact that it did not have much resolution. Everything was fine until Sayid found Jin locked up in a pantry in the kitchen where he just killed Keamy. Where did Jin come from? Why was he there? More importantly, why was this the last scene of the flash-sideways?! Was Jin delivering a watch or package to someone in there on Mr. Paik’s behalf? That was why he was originally coming to America. It also seems that in this timeline he came to America to deliver things, as seen in the season premiere when he was taken by the customs office by not declaring his watches and large amounts of money.

Now, onto the original timeline’s story. Dogen tells Sayid that he thinks it would be better if he was dead. This turns into a huge and impressive fight scene between (as Hurley would put it) a Samurai and a former Iraqi Republican Guard soldier. Pretty epic fight scene. We were informed that according to Dogen, every man has a scale with good and evil on the two sides. Sayid’s scale “tipped the wrong way.” This is very interesting. As easily seen, Egyptian mythology is everywhere in the show, that being said, does anyone see where I’m going with this?

In the Book of the Dead, an ancient Egyptian writing, the process of being judged at the end of one’s life is described. The deceased’s heart is weighed on a scale against the Feather of Truth. If the heart weighed less than the feather then the person was able to enter into the good afterlife. This meant that their heart was not full of evil that was weighing it down. So does this sound eerily similar to what Dogen said? I’d say so! Sayid “dies” and then they run tests on him, sounds like a modern day retelling of mythology.

Sayid is fooled into thinking he can redeem himself by killing Smoke-Locke. He is unsuccessful which makes me wonder how Jacob was able to be killed. Anyways, Smoke-Locke entices Sayid to join his side by hinting that it may be possible for him to get back Nadia, even though she died. Sayid then goes to the Temple and warns everyone that if they want to live they can join Smoke-Locke by leaving the Temple and he will eventually take them off the Island with him.

The episode comes to an end when a huge brawl breaks out in the Temple. The Smoke Monster rampages the Temple and takes his new followers with him. Sayid also kills both Dogen and Lennon. However, they fell in the pool. Does this mean they will come back to life? I doubt it, but still something that needs to be considered. Kate confronted Claire about Aaron so it will be interesting to see how this knowledge will play out over the rest of the season. For now, it appears that Jin is with Smoke-Locke (probably just out of convenience/against his will) as well as Sayid, Claire, Kate and Sawyer. Kate seems pretty lost and confused so I could definitely see her and/or Jin switch sides. Who knows what Sawyer will do, but Claire and Sayid seem like they will be in service to Smoke-Locke, but who knows, maybe things will change and they will not be “infected.”

I kept this one short because it is a little late.

By the way, please feel free to leave comments below. I would love to hear what you have to say about the show, theories or reactions to anything I say.

In the words of Smoke-Locke “You are so close; it would be such a shame to turn back now.”

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.

I am not going to put the sneak peeks up because this post is old and it would be redundant. Sorry this is late, being gone all spring break has put me behind schedule, but I am working on it right now.


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