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Everybody Loves Hugo- Episode 6.12

Alas, the school year is done so I will catch up with my blog posts. This one and the next one will be very short and I will be back on target for the episode that aired this week. All I want to do with this post and the next one is alert people to things we should be aware of.

Everyone Loves Hugo” is a play on the season two episode “Everyone Hates Hugo.” This shows the cyclicality (is that a real word, Word accepts it.) that this season has been having with the beginning of the show.

Let’s hit the flash-sideways first. Did anyone else think that Pierre Cheng looked the same age he did in 1977? Maybe I was wrong, but he did not appear to age. The Hanso Foundation website (the alternative reality game between season 2 and 3) talked about how they Hanso Foundation, those backing the DHARMA Initiative, did research in many areas, one of which was called the “Life Extension Project.” Could some of this work have made Dr. Cheng have an “extended life?” It is believed that Alvar Hanso may have extended his life through his corporation’s studies. Also, there was a monkey, Joop, who was born in 1900 and is still alive, a Hanso Foundation experiment.

All of this being said, if Cheng really was not older like he should have been, was it because he was affected by something on the Island? Was he even on the Island in the flash-sideways timeline? He had both real, natural arms. So, did the incident not happen? What is the cornerstone difference of the flash-sideways? It seems to be more than just the bomb going off. I will stop speculating because the truth is coming soon and I still don’t have much to base a speculation on.

However, what was the deal with Libby? Has she always believed in two timelines? Was that why she was in an institute in the original timeline? Has there always been some correlation? If the timelines resolve are they offset a little? I ask that because, is what we are seeing in the flash-sideways what is happening at the same time as the original timeline? If so, then the timelines are off by about 3 years, what will that mean when the timelines “resolve?”

Lastly, relating to the flash-sideways, did Desmond hit Locke with his car because he felt Locke was evil because he is inhabited by evil, the Smoke Monster, in the original timeline, or was it because he wanted to give him a near death experience to see the two timelines. I’m going with the first one. Although I’m not sure how Desmond determined he was evil. Maybe he should have learned it is not the same guy before running him down.

In the original timeline we got a big answer in this episode, we learned that Whispers belong to dead people who are unable to move on. The episode begins with a dead Michael telling Hurley that if they blow up the plane then a lot of people will die. The group gets ready to go and Ilana sets down the pack of dynamite and blows up, very similar to how Artz died at the end of season 1. (See the cyclicality of season 1 to season 6?) Hurley then blows up the Black Rock (a little sentimental, last time we’ll see that….probably) to keep them from getting more dynamite to blow up the plane.

The group splits with all the candidates going to meet with Locke’s camp and Richard, Ben and Miles going to the DHARMA Barracks to get grenades and explosives to blow up the plane. It was interesting to see Jack go along with Hurley’s lie that Jacob told them to talk to Smoke-Locke. Jack has faith they can do this and that things will be ok. I am liking Jack more and more now.

I’m going to backtrack a little before we get to the final scene. Locke takes Desmond to a well and tells him that the Island apparently has it in for him and that he is not special at all. (Similar to what Eloise Hawking said to Desmond in the season three episode, Flashes Before Your Eyes ). While there, they see the same mysterious boy that Sawyer saw when he was with Locke near the beginning of this season. However, this time his hair is noticeably darker. Locke is very annoyed by him and when Desmond asks who he is Locke tells him to ignore him.

Smoke-Locke explains that the wells were dug on the Island because people wanted to know why their compasses freaked out, they were looking for answers. I’m glad we now have an answer for why Frozen Donkey Wheel had a well dug above it. Smoke-Locke then shoves Desmond down the well.

The final scene shows Hurley, Sun, Frank and Jack arriving at the MIB’s camp, no Sun and Jin reunion yet (biggest, longest joke done by the writers ever). This merging of the two groups was very cool because it was the first time that Jack had seen the “resurrected” Locke. Very intriguing.

A few quick thoughts

I looked it up and the mysterious boy is played by the same actor both times, despite his hair color. I am really thinking that maybe he is what Jacob looked like as a child, especially considering what I have seen in the commercials for the next episode (keep in mind I am writing this way after this episode aired, Across the Sea is going to air tomorrow).

However, this boy may be the form of Jacob when he was a child but that form may have been taken on by another force. I think the boy and Mrs. Hawking represent referees or representatives for higher powers. That is why he told Smoke-Locke that he could not kill Sawyer, presumably because he is a candidate. Does his hair color represent the score of the game? It is darker now because MIB is winning? It was lighter when Jacob was winning? Just a theory, a little weird I know, but then again a mysterious boy has hair that changes color. I seriously doubt that he is dying his hair in one of the ancient wells.

Mrs. Hawking knows about time and course correction. She has told Desmond that he cannot break “the rules” and that certain things he wishes to do would “be a violation.” She also appears to be aware of the two timelines. She helped them get back to the Island and knew how to do that. She knows a lot, maybe too much; this should be brought into question.

I was glad we finally learned what the Whispers were and that we could see that Michael was very sorry that he killed Libby and Ana Lucia, but, do the Whispers work for anyone or are they on their own? Remember, Ben told Rousseau not to come looking for her daughter, Alex, when they kidnapped her, and that if she heard Whispers she should run the other way. And why have we heard Whispers off the Island?

I hope I have raised your awareness to certain things. If you have anything else to add please feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, theories or whatever. I am hoping to catch up quickly on the next episode. Please stayed tuned to this blog for the next two days or so and we will be back on top of everything.

In the words of Smoke-Locke “You are so close; it would be such a shame to turn back now.”

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.


P.S. No sneak peeks this time, we are already past this episode.

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