Sunday, May 23, 2010

What They Died For/Finale Theories- Episode 6.16

“It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.”- Jacob

This is final post for us to speculate on. After this, we will know everything we are going to know about Lost. This time I will not so much talk about what happened on the most recent episode, but pose some theories and things I hope we get answered and get to see.

There are just a few things I want to mention from this past episode to work off of for my final predictions.

· Widmore, Zoe and Richard all seemed to die. We think.

· The Flash-sideways characters look like they are all about to meet up.

· Flash-sideways Locke is now ready for the surgery to give him the ability to walk.

· Desmond was let out of the well, we don’t know how, but he was.

· Jack is the new Jacob. (but really, who didn’t see that one coming. I loved that whole speech, it was awesome and further explained the purpose of the show)

I’m going to try to address these points in order as best I can.

Is Widmore dead? I don’t know. He slumped behind something we did not see him actually die after being shot; and remember the rules? Ben and Widmore seem to have these rules that govern between them. Remember, Ben said that Widmore “changed the rules” when he killed Alex. Now are these “rules” or “laws.” A rule can be broken, maybe not respectable, but it can be. The way I’m using a law is like the law of gravity; you cannot break it. So, maybe it was against the “rules” for Ben to kill Widmore, but what are you going to do? Or he tried to break a law and he is not really dead. What do you think? I guess he is really dead, but maybe we should not write him off so fast. Zoe, gone. Richard…hmmm. Probably dead, which is kind of good for him now, after all, he probably was ready to be done with this world after being alive for like 160ish years. Still kind of sad. However, maybe he just got speared into the jungle and will heal up and wake up and come back into the fray. Once again, I’m not counting on that.

The flash-sideways world looks like it is getting ready for something cosmic, but I’m not sure what yet. I’ll predict that at the end of this post with my overall predictions.

Desmond is now out of the well. Who let him out? I think we will be pretty surprised by this. Do we think that Penny came to the Island? They better live happily ever after or these producers are sick. Surely they wouldn’t kill off another couple. Did Widmore or Zoe do it before going to New Otherton? I really am at a loss. I feel like this is going to be a big twist. Oooohhh, maybe Claire? Eh? I just thought of that one. She is about to do something big. She’s kind of fallen off the bandwagon; they are going to bring her back for something big I bet.

So Jack is the new Jacob, big shocker. I loved that whole scene with Jacob, his speech, and Jack’s response to it. We see especially in the last three weeks that Jacob is not as perfect as we might have wanted to originally think. Even with all of his power and wisdom (I’m guessing he’s wise) he still had some flaws. No character on this show is without their baggage, even a “deified” 2,000 year old guy. I’m surprised that they would give us the new Island Protector now and not in the finale. Do you think Jack will make someone else the new Island protector in the finale? I think it is a very good possibility.

So, here are my predictions

One, I think we will see Rose and Bernard again. They always put them in the finale. Think about season 5. They were only in the first episode and the finale I think. Now as far as hard-hitting predictions, expect more people to die, probably Sawyer and Ben. I do not think Ben is really with Smoke-Locke. I think he is trying to pull a long-con over Locke. He wanted to kill Widmore because it was personal, not saying it was right, but that explains why he felt he was justified in doing that for Locke and letting that play into him playing Locke. I just feel that Sawyer will also do something heroic and die in the process. After all, he’s always got a plan and was the first to really talk with Locke, knowing he was not really Locke, that would be poetic, I guess.

When Ben was a student in the DI, his teacher mentioned there was a volcano on the Island. The producers mentioned that the volcano would be “of seismic importance.” This was said in season three. Did they forget or change their mind about going to the whole volcano reference? If not, then this is it! Is that where they are going to blow up the Island? (did seeing Smoke Locke say that remind you of when Locke ended the penultimate season 4 episode that they were going to “move the Island?” It definitely did me. “Same” character, parallel sentence structure, used the episode before the finale both times.) Is this where Desmond is going or is he going to the Source? Could he even find the Source since it now appears that it is hidden until you are the Island protector or are taken there (I called that in the last post or two!)? I think Desmond might be going to the volcano, but maybe I’m wrong.

I now think that since Jack can now go where the Source is, then it isn’t the Temple. He’s already been there. I guess the Temple just probably had some connection to the light that is under the Island. So I guess my Temple Building theory is probably shot, or at least mostly is.

In the flash-sideways why did Desmond say that Ana Lucia is not ready yet? Are some people going to jump timelines? What is going to happen when these timelines resolve?! That may be one of the biggest questions for this finale. Also, what is the significance of Jack’s neck cut and his son, David? I’m hoping that since Locke has a “body” in the original timeline, that when this timeline event happens that Locke will return and fight for control of this body that MIB has constructed. Maybe that is how he will be defeated? Locke will come back and banish him. I’ve always been a Locke fan and liked how they have made him so important after his death and how they now believe in him. Finally, Locke has been vindicated! Maybe we should not taint that by bringing him back, or is this a case of “The Once and Future King?” Locke was “king” of believing in purpose and maybe he will come back. The idea of “The Once and Future King” is about King Arthur who left, never actually dying so his people could think that one day he might come back and save them. I would love to see Locke do this, but I don’t know, he might really be gone. If he really was dead then why was getting his ability to walk in the sideways world such a big deal? Maybe he will come over to the original timeline? His surgery could be the lynch pin between the two timelines, however, the concert seems to be another big gathering point. Is this (the surgery) what will make him be able to walk in the original timeline? Maybe. Time will only tell.

I could see Locke coming back and the group somehow getting rid of Smoke-Locke and Jack then turning over the job of Island Protector to Locke. He really was the man meant for the job. I really am not sure I see Jack really being the Island Protector for long-term. Or I could see this happening, and this is what I really feel will happen: You cannot get rid of Smokey; good vs. evil is an eternal motif. So, as I’ve already predicted, the series will end, with Jack, the new Jacob, and Locke, still the MIB, sitting on the Island ready to start the whole thing again. Someone or something will be seen coming to the Island and the show will end. It’s a pattern. Now it’s Jack and “Locke’s” turn to fight it out for the Island. Oh, and what if, on this boat, plane, or whatever that is coming to the Island is everyone’s kids, such as Ji Yeon, Aaron, Charlie (Desmond’s kid), Walt, Clementine and maybe, just maybe even David Shepherd. They are grown up, as years have passed, and it is their turn to do what their parents have done, or could not do. Whatever, I’m giving you gold here in fragments, you put it together!

Maybe the flash-sideways is about to be created by Jack. I think the flash-sideways might be created and planted back in the timeline so Jack could have spared everyone from pain and death. After all, he did at one point say he felt somewhat responsible for all the people that died under his watch. He’s giving them a perfect world to live in. Which reminds me, did anyone think that Jacob was giving a shout out to the flash-sideways when he said, “I didn’t pluck you from some happy existence?” That seemed to perfectly written. Was it just a reference or foreshadowing of the flash-sideways about to be created?

I could see this episode beginning or at least at some point showing flight 815 crash again, especially from the perspectives of Jacob and MIB. They used to re-contextualize the crash by showing it to you from different points of view, I’m surprised we haven’t seen it from theirs, maybe we will.

Should we expect Jack or whoever the final Island Protector is to give “gifts” to some of the characters? Like make Hurley his Richard Alpert. That would be funny. I do not know about all of this though.

What of the love triangle? That seemed to just fall out. Where they done with it? Can Jack even have a girl as Island Protector? Who knows, but Kate won’t end up with Sawyer. He’ll die doing something heroic and she will be left crying, like she does in almost all of her scenes. I would be so angry if tonight was a Kate centric episode! Haha. I’m sure it will be an everyone-centric episode.

Really, who can say about any of this stuff. In true Lost fashion they have left us guessing right up until the very end. We have 2.5 hours of Lost left and these are some of the things I hope to see get answered.

· Where did the DHARMA food drop come from back in season 2?

· What is the MIB’s name and can he die?

· Who will be the long-term Island Protector? I don’t see Jack really being it.

· What is “the sickness” that infected Claire and Sayid? Can you cure it?

· What is the purpose of the Flash-Sideways, the Island being sunk in it, David Shepherd and the cut on Jack’s neck?

· Will anyone leave the Island in the end? Will it be purged of everyone? (tabula rasa, clean slate. That would be a crazy huge genocide unless they kick people off.)

· Are we done with Christian Shepherd? Was every appearance of him really the MIB? If not, then I need to know more about him!

· Is Walt coming back? Is he still special?

· Why was it so important for Claire to have and raise Aaron?

· When/who built the Taweret statue?

· Why did Jack and Ben both get sick when the Island normally heals you?

I’m sure there is more things I would like to know but who cares at this point. It’s been an awesome show to watch and I have enjoyed the story they have told. In the end, it will be what it will be. Let me know of things you want answered and what theories you have. Post them below. I’d love to hear from you.

“It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.”- Jacob

In the words of Smoke-Locke “You are so close; it would be such a shame to turn back now.”

“Can’t change the past. Can’t do it. Whatever happened, happened. All right? But then I finally realized…I had been spending so much time focused on the constants, I forgot about the variables…We’re the variable. People. We think. We reason. We make choices. We have free will. We can change our destiny.”- Daniel Faraday, “The Variable,” episode 5.14

Hope tonight’s finale is awesome.

Namaste and good luck.



  1. Oh so many things I want to know many are the same as you. Especially those involing the flash-sideways... why the flash!? I don't even understand the nature of it. Except that if what Eloise Hawking said to Desmond then everyone got they're hearts desire. I think that she will show up.

    Given that she still has some unknown part to play in all of this and the question becomes, "Who/what the heck is she?" I'm toying with the theory that she is what they have to protect the Island from, but that somewhere during her time on the Island she was elevated to a position under the Jacob, since it would appear that the rulemaker is the Islands protector. But how much power did Mother, Jacob have and how readily will Jack have access to it.

    I like the him creating the flashforward part. Except that that it still seems vital that they know about their time on the Island. What if the whole thing doesn't bring the Sideways in line with the main but the main in line with the sideways?

    I'm curious about the Volcano and who knows about that.

    It seems to me that with the exception of Locke the only people that Desmond is concerned with in the Flash are people that were still alive as he started to gather them (Sayid being the only one he has made direct contact with who had died after Desmond began to Gather them, but before he met with Sayid in the Cell.)

    I bet if you are right about the people on the beach at the end theory that what ever craft we see will be something we haven't seen before. This is a small prediction but they have never reused a vehicle when "bringing" people to the Island. The Black Rock was a merchant vessel, The submarine, Henry Gale's Balloon, Desmond's Sailboat, Yemi's Plane, Oceanic 815 and the Ajira plane (though technically the both commercial airliners) were different models and airlines. Again it's small but it's a pattern.

    Who the heck knows what will happen. I do hope to have the Penny Desmond issue resolved happily, unless all the parents must die (think about it) which means jack, sawyer and kate are going to (since Jacob counted her as a mother). So maybe passes the protector position on to Hurley?

  2. I was wondering that too about if the flash-sideways world would bring in the main timeline to it's domain. Good point.

    Thanks for reminding me, I want to know the significance of Eloise Hawking?

    Also, one huge question I've had for a long time: Why did Jack wake up in the bamboo thicket, so far from the crash, the first time and even the second time. It would make sense he would appear the same place the second time, but I am very curious and wonder if that has any significance.