Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Last Recruit- Episode 6.13

Since this is a catch up post I’m going to keep it simple, you all watched the episode. “The Last Recruit” definitely got things moving, specifically geographically.

This episode did not do a whole lot other than move the characters around on the Island. We finally see that Sawyer is indeed not really with Locke and wants to get the other people off the Island. They try to sneak away from Locke on Desmond’s old boat. Claire, who does not want to be left behind, again, joins them, even though Sawyer did not trust her or Sayid and wanted to leave them behind.

Sayid was on a mission by the MIB to kill Desmond in the well, to which Desmond had a very handy defense ready. No one would think that well (see the pun. Haha. I only noticed this once I started proof reading) on their feet, but it was still impressive. Even though Sayid told Smoke-Locke he killed Desmond we all knew to be suspicious of this.

While leaving for Hydra Island on Desmond’s boat, Jack makes some statements to Sawyer that proves that Jack is now a man of faith. He said that last time he left the Island he felt like a part of him was missing, that they were brought to the Island for a reason and if Locke wants them to leave maybe he’s scared of what will happen if they stay. Sawyer makes Jack jump off the boat to which he swims to the main Island’s shore where Locke saves him while they are being shot at with explosives by Widmore.

Sawyer and crew arrive at HydraWidmore Island where Sun and Jin finally get their reunion (did I say finally?) and Sun get’s her English back. Widmore’s people take all of the survivors captive and start their already mentioned attack on Locke and his few people and Jack (I don’t think they meant to hurt Jack or immediately knew that he was with them, however, this point probably does not matter).

Let’s hit the flash-sideways now and then go back to something that happened at the start of the episode in the original timeline (I know, a very weird order to hit things but it’s my blog!)

Once again my first paragraph holds true for this timeline too. This paragraph just moved people closer geographically.

Sun and Locke are wheeled into the hospital at the same time and Sun is terrified of him. Is she mind-melding? Is she associating him with his scary form taken by the MIB? Seems like there is some mind connections happening. Jack and David Shepherd are going to hear Christian’s will be read and run into Claire because of Desmond’s “divine” intervention, placing her in the same lawyer’s office, who is actually Ilana. This episode is the first time, in each timeline, that Jack and Claire meet since learning they are related (this, in the original timeline will be discussed in a moment).

Sayid is caught by Sawyer and is now also a prisoner. Both plane prisoners Kate (Oceanic 815 prisoner) and Sayid (Ajira 316 prisoner) are now prisoners in this timeline. Jack is also the surgeon assigned to treat Locke. (You know this is going to be good!)

Going back to the beginning (I feel that this is a famous line from a movie or book or something.) Jack talks with “Locke” for the first time and is puzzled by who he is. It comes out that MIB had taken the form of Jack’s dad back at the beginning of season one to help Jack and survivors find water in the episode “White Rabbit.”

I wonder, does this mean that ever dead person we have seen has been MIB? I do not think so at all, certainly not the ones that talk to Hurley. Although maybe some of them were. Who knows? This makes you wonder: when we’ve seen dead people, were they MIB, Island manifestations, or the Smoke Monster? Why do we get more questions now, so close to the end?!

I always felt that Christian Shepherd was very important. There are some times I am certain that Christian was MIB. Other times I am not so sure. Surely Jack’s dad will be something bigger and better. I feel like if not then we might have been cheated a little bit. It’s starting to look that way. It is still interesting that MIB wanted to help. He doesn’t see that bad all the time. His motives need to be better explained. Is he really as evil as we are lead to believe?

In Smoke-Locke’s talk with Jack, Smokey bashes Locke. I love that they do this. It just further vindicates real Locke, my all-time favorite character. MIB says real Locke thought he was special but was just a “sucker.” By MIB bashing Locke I feel that he is trying to taint Locke’s legacy when it was noble, true, and on the right path, unfortunately he got played.

For a long time I thought it was ridiculous that Locke died. He was too important. I’m now glad Locke was killed; the best people never make it. The old phrase, “Only the good die young” is applicable here. Yes Locke was older than most survivors, but he died young in the sense that it was before his time. He needed to be killed to be idolized and immortalized. Locke’s death has been inspiration for so many now, especially Jack and even Ben, based on his Ben’s “speech” at his “funeral.”

After Jack talks with Locke he talks with Claire for the first time since he learned that she is his sister. When Jacks tells her he’s not sure if he’s “with them (them being Locke’s side),” Claire says that he joined Locke as soon as he talked to them. This further hits the point about Locke being very, very persuasive, to the point that we must wonder does his voice have power? Remember, Dogen told Sayid not to let Smoke-Locke talk to him, if he did, it was too late.

Hitting up an earlier point, the episode ended with Locke rescuing Jack and telling him, “You’re with me now.” This was a very creepy and worrisome way to end. I mean come on, it’s feeling pretty obvious that Jack will be the new Jacob and with this closing line this theory is put in potential Jeopardy.

One quick thought. I really thought the two timelines were going to “resolve” in this episode. I’m now feeling that this won’t happen until the final episode. Everyone is getting together at the hospital. I feel that once everyone is together in both timelines something weird will happen, maybe even through Desmond doing something. I think we should be very alarmed by the existence of David Shepherd, flash-sideways Jack’s son. No one else exists or ceases to exist in the flash-sideways that does not exist in the original timeline. This is going to be a big deal. Maybe a sacrifice Jack will have to make. Or, maybe David is the real candidate. That would be a little cheap, not being someone we have grown with, but definitely a big twist. Just be ready for David to be a big deal.

By the way, please feel free to leave comments below. I would love to hear what you have to say about the show, theories or reactions to anything I say.

“Can’t change the past. Can’t do it. Whatever happened, happened. All right? But then I finaly realized…I had been spending so much time focused on the constants, I forgot about the variables…We’re the variable. People. We think. We reason. We make choices. We have free will. We can change our destiny.”- Daniel Faraday, “The Variable,” episode 5.14

Until next week when we have seen a little bit more Lost, Namaste.


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